An easy way to stay in bliss 22


  • An easy way to stay in bliss.
    How to do Mangal in the forest!
    When the heart becomes cold, when the fear comes out from the body,
    The fog is very hot in the fog, with cold cold water every day,
    Speaking of hunger, the hunger of hunger, suffering from pain,
    The joy comes from the tears of joy, concealed in secret stories,
    Pleasures of joy can be said, the misery can be given to people,
    The hapless people did not make fun of anybody, the worship of God was gathered together,
    Do not scream in a family quarrel, do not relieve yourself from despair,
    The problem is not solved without reconciliation, the epidemic spreads through the four corners,
    Do not hurry, like a camel, do not run like a dog,
    The understanding is understood in the mind, the mind does not wander all the way,
    Gajjar’s experience only takes place when “Poetry” is read every day.

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