cement plaster

Cement Plaster, Sand and Water Quantity for best Cement Plaster 22

Cement Plaster, Sand and Water Quantity

For getting supper best Cement Plaster need cement, sand and water perfect calculation :

cement plaster

How to use cement, sand & water quantity table?

Any type of building plaster quantity calculation easy way, cement ratio is 1 it is default (do not change) and water ratio also fixed 0.4 default (do not change), sand ratio variable from 1 to 9 as per required select figure from this input tag, than click on wall length and type wall length, than click on wall height and type wall height, than click on plaster thickness and type plaster thickness in millimeter, than click on dry plaster volume input box and getting cement quantity in kilogram, cement bag, sand quantity in cubic feet and water quantity is in litre will be auto generated.

Example for reference:

wall plaster Model 1

Cement, Sand and Water Quantity for Cement Plaster

Cement, Sand and Water Quantity for Cement Plaster
Cement Ratio fixed Water Ratio fixed Sand Ratio variable
Wall Length Meter
Wall Height Meter
Plaster thickness Millimeter
Dry Plaster Volume Cubic Meter
Cement weight and Bags
Sand weight in cubic feet Cubic Feet
Water weight in litre Litre

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