computer starting slow check by cmd command

  1. after starting the computer:
  2. go to start button select run, or press computer left side window key + R,
  3. type cmd than ok
  4. another wide click left side bottom window’s logo, type in search line cmd
  5. then cmd.exe appear, then mouse right click on it and select Run as Administrator and enter
  6. an open cmd dialog box and type letter CHKDSK then enter.
  7. start process checking of c drive disk problem.
  8. CHKDSK is verifying Files (Stage 1 of 3) like
  9. (a) File Verification (b) Indexes Verification (c) Security Descriptor Verification
  10. check bellow images for the result, after all, then restar your computer
  11. 100% computer will be working properly
cmd dialog box run as administrator
after all verification results