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in Corel Draw The draw Toolbar is used for new art, design, like visiting card, letterhead, all types of graphic design, Book title logo, front page design, any type of box design, cartoon box design, any type of book all page text design with images, school bag design, ladies purse design, glass design for screen printing, website banner design, shirt design, all types of bottle sticker design, deewali sticker, festival design with all types of paper setting, newspaper design, incense stick design, grain packet design, mirror design, all types of diagram design, ornament design, all types of invitation card design, building design, hospital design, pillow design, cupboard design, all types of love letter design, room design, cartoon design, wall mount watch design, bell design, table design, sofa design, speaker design, speaker box design, in Corel Draw all types of accessories design, horoscope design, notification design, toy design, matchstick box design, all type of plastic bag design, telescope design, all type of metal design, airplane design, motor design, cycle design, bus design, all types of bird design, animal design, insects design, optical box design, lighting, and switch design, all types of tiles design, freehand design, square design, round design, ellipse design, mechanical all parts design with assembling, plumbing design, electronics schematic diagram, PCB design, flowers design, tree design, multiple link design, shape design, table design, cub-board design, kitchen design, living room design, bedroom design, store design, balcony design, verandah design, toilet cum change room design, terrace flooring design, poster design, chair, sofa, seti design and get more.

Pick Tool :

in Corel Draw Pick tool is most important for working on Corel Draw, when we select any created design just go to the toolbox and select pick tool,upload then drag with the mouse as per need selection object will be selected and require to group object Ctrl + G use all selected object marge in one object, after pick tool select arrow will be solid, not hollow means outline only, mostly use pick tool is for select objects, after finished work pick tool most useful for doing other activity, like save objects mouse curer go to file, select save option by mouse. during working when need to select pick tool only space bar press and pick tool will be selected. twice press space bar press 1 step revert means before the selected tool will be appear.

Shape Tool (shortcut F10) :

in Corel Draw shape tool use for objects node move as per require shape, if square objects 1 corner node select and drag by mouse objects will be circle mode convert from square objects. when selecting any tool its properties show on the property toolbar. if select any created objects property bar show selected objects property if no objects select it will be the default this property show.

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