lifetime Save Life 2020

lifetime Save how to live a life without hesitation?

lifetime Life is a gift of God, do not waste your time anywhere, care-full any situation of difficulties started our dangerous period overall in the world, Happiness lies behind sorrow, No matter how much grief comes, nothing can spoil us, Life is a struggle, must move forward.No matter what the pain is, whether it is ours or someone else’s, there are thousands of enemies in the world, but the true one has God, he wants everything to be good.

People say that the digital age has come, but living in this modern age must also be learned! No matter what happens in the house, we have to improve the environment! The mother is very worried about the baby, she never goes hungry, Be happy.


be happy and learn to keep others happy too …! Stop thinking that this will not happen to me, learn to help, stop grabbing others, Even those whose minds are dirty learn to live in time and circumstances, Becoming loving, lifetime even the environment around us pollutes us, so we have to think very carefully and make a decision.

lifetime Sometimes the thought comes that a thorn can be removed, but the wounds in the heart are never healed, The heart also has to be strong, the wounds of the heart go away immediately from the words of love, The mind that thinks like that, the voice that speaks like that, Get in the habit of listening well, get in the habit of seeing well, keep up the good work, the pain will go away, Learn to cultivate faith, learn to serve with your hands, your heart will be refreshed, Reach out to people with good thoughts in mind, Run your legs in someone’s service too, The idea of removing someone’s pain makes a human being a great person,

lifetime My house, my money, my dominance, my splendor, my strength, etc., will fall nowhere if your legs are broken, Pride is not human freedom and regrets, Wealth can buy everything but money cannot come and serve you ….! Learn to bow rather than live with your head held high, It is good to look beautiful but you have to learn to appreciate beauty too, where the mind praises the beautiful, where is the justice, Right now your enemy is all around you, the more you love him, the bigger your enemy becomes, Even when the world is going through a great crisis, human beings are trying lifetime to become enemies of others. The heart of the learner will be gladdened,