multi-lines dimension total length 2020

how to check the multi-lines dimension in an easy way?

for multi-lines dimension In autocad multi lines draw and check one by one dimension by dim- line command and select line start point to other end point and click for getting dimension, but only one line dimension we will getting but some time more than multi lines draw in auto cad uneven, so very difficult to collect all dimension, some person will be using excel with this selected dimension and type in excel one by one and more time will be past during getting all lines total count of dimension.

for multi-lines dimension total length, this problem we will showing you very simple way to getting all lines length in as per our required like meter, centimeter, millimeter, need sketch up software support all for getting total multi-lines dimension length, total dimension for all lines total length.

please follow step by step as per my guidance as per bellow matter, only you have operating autocad and sketchup, it very easy, open autocad and draw line as per line command, and copy paste or open your line drawing plan saved before getting dimension, line draw horizontal or vertical or in angle in different length, all these lines total length dimension taking a lot of time, but here we show very very simple way to getting all lines length without calculator, without excel software used or other multi- line total count software.

after open autocad or open your plan with multi lines drawing, save file for import in sketchup, open sketchup software and import dwg file and that time option set as per required before importing cad file, select all lines, go to modal info select units as per required select format decimal like meter, millimeter, centimeter for getting perfect all lines dimension in right side box.

for getting total multi-lines dimension length, Many lines or multi-lines draw in civil engineering and getting all lines dimension without wasting time, show one by one dimension on all lines taking so more times, all lines are not equal but uneven multi lines use in drawing and when checking line length one by one will be taken more time and wasting time with error also and not getting the perfect dimension, so let start to getting all multi lines dimension in meter, feet, millimeter as we getting it. now we are getting for multi-lines dimension in meter so let start

need AutoCAD software and SketchUp software for use all multi-lines dimension

  1. Open AutoCAD drawing select all lines and copy
  2. open new AutoCAD file and paste all lines
multi-lines in AutoCad
in autocad elevation drawing multi-lines use
  1. save all lines as per your location
  2. open SketchUp
  3. go to file
  4. select import
  5. go to save file location
  6. select extension option ( AutoCad files *.dwg, *.dxf)
  7. Click on the option tab
  8. select scale units as per required (millimeter, meter, inch, centimeter, feet)
  9. tick mark on preserve drawing original
  10. Click on Import button
  11. open drawing all lines in Sketchup
  12. go to window tab
  13. select modal info
  14. select units
  15. check length units as per required (millimeter, meter, inch, centimeter, feet)
  16. if line length into meter
  17. select format decimal
  18. select m from the drop-down menu (for meter)
  19. select mm from the drop-down menu (for millimeter)
  20. select cm from the drop-down menu (for centimeter)
  21. select precision drop-down 0 mm for mm selected
  22. close modal info at the top right side x mark
  23. select all lines
  24. go to windows tab
  25. go to default tray
  26. select entity info
  27. right side on screen default tray open
multi-lines in sketchup
multi-lines drawing insert into sketchup
selected lines in sketchup
  1. check all lines (count of edges)
  2. length box automatic select all line dimension as per you select if selected meter and you will be getting total lines dimension
selected multi-lines total dimension in sketchup
  1. enjoy.


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