the best getting more self-satisfaction in Life….2020!

self-satisfaction_Oh.. Think for better Good Ideas what I am doing?

why we getting self-satisfaction? every time we are thinking for getting good and better personality everywhere we passing in unknown city or country.self-satisfaction_bachpan_fatherMy childhood remembering me what I am?

remember some point for better LIfe…

  1. Always be keep continue POSITIVE thinking,
  2. Do not try to getting False Idea or False thought in Life
  3. Always be Happy,
  4. Keep more distance between Quarrel.
  5. helping who are suffering any difficulties period of personal or social,
  6. poor is honest person because all are passing from more critical activity without money.
  7. Money is not all we thinking, because during hospitalized Money is not pressing you leg (serve) only person will do !
  8. Money has limits.
  9. Love have not a Limit of continuing good activities.
  10. Life is a Gift of God.
  11. Be carefully unstable Life, family, Equilibrium, Volatile Memory, Fluid Society, Shifting Group, Shifting Alliance, Unstable Government, Floating Rate, Distractability, Inconsistency, Unsuitability, Variability,.
  12. human Entity, Existence, Preexist, Being or human Mode Of Existence.
  13. person Existence Value, Existential Analysis, Existence Problem.
  14. Even if the door is smaller than the room, the window is smaller than the door, the lock of the door is smaller than the window, even if the key is smaller than it, it protects the whole house.
limit desire in Life
  1. Existential Psychology, Existential Specification, Existential Thinking, Existential Modality, Existential Import, Fallacy Of Existential Assumption.
  2. care full from Restive, Mulish, Wayward.
  3. life Discover with LOVE.
  4. Invariable Alternation, Non-Perishable Commodity,
  5. Do not fear from darkness night.
  6. for self-satisfaction we all are getting love on the lap of nature.
  7. No need to panic from the shadows.
  8. No matter how big the world is, it will come in handy..
  9. In the monsoon, there is a thunderstorm, a flash of lightning, a terrible wind, but it cannot do anything for us. Such an idea gives happiness and joy.
  1. for self-satisfaction If a small ant walks along, we can’t walk.
  2. The tortoise floats in the water and we keep wandering in the society.
  3. Neem is bitter but has been shown to be effective in every disease.
  4. A flower that always smells like a flower,
  5. The lotus blooms in the mud but creates a fragrant atmosphere at the feet of the Lord during worship.
  6. Happiness comes after sorrow day after day and night after night.
  7. The morning ray is refreshing in everyone’s life, just need to experience.
  8. for self-satisfaction Forgetting the past brings joy in life.
  9. Learn to believe in ancestress’s words, because he has experienced them.
  10. for self-satisfaction Learn to serve if God has given a hand.
  11. beauty is only to see not to touch, if you touch it will be crush.
  12. If constipation occurs, the body deteriorates, if the mind deteriorates, the intellect deteriorates, and if the intellect deteriorates, it collapses.
  13. Only a jeweler knows the value of a diamond.
  14. The door of the house opens inside, the door of the shop opens outside, but the door of the heart opens on both sides,
getting self-satisfaction
  1. The human mind is like the wing of a bird wherever it wants to fly.
  2. The crow looks like a cuckoo but the on the speaking is known from above. Or crow or cuckoo.
  3. If you want to learn to live in harmony, the life of an ant is daily have to see.
  4. Stop living like flies and mosquitoes Life will be blessed.
  5. Even if you eat raw mangoes, the life after ripening is the same.
  6. Learn to smell like a flower, never try to be a thorn.
  7. If you want to light up in the dark, you have to light the lamp of love.
  8. If the mother-in-law wants to be happy, the Sikhs who give up arrogance and give like a daughter-in-law or a daughter-in-law will become a paradise.
  9. If the hands are damaged, they should be washed with soap, but if the soap is damaged, then the corona will happen and life will become like hell.
  10. Drinking alcohol does not reduce the pain of the body, but the disorder takes place in the mind.
  11. Always keep the veil of the mind clean.
  12. The sheet should be as long as the legs.
  13. If someone wants to wear a hat, measure the hat.
  14. Body scars can be removed with a handkerchief, but if you want to heal the wounds of the heart, you have to use the ointment of love.
  15. Brushing the teeth cleanses the body with soap and cleanses the mind by worship to god.
  16. for self-satisfaction LOVE is a not to getting more but giving more and more to other.