There are many types of crying, such as crying
• Someone else is crying over the sadness of others,
• One sees someone else’s happiness as crying,
• One cries to tempt others,
• One cries for someone to get angry,
• Someone cries to relax,
• Cries from a distance,
• Crys out to make an outward appearance,
• No worries worry,
• One cries out to others,
• The concern of someone else’s cries for self,
• One cries on himself,
• No beauty cries while not being tolerant,
• No beauty is crying,
• Crys out with pain,
• A disease cries to others,
• No weeping on food,
• Crys out after eating any food,
• No food is crying,
• Someone weeps by feeding someone else’s food,
• A person who cries out another person’s food,
• Some food cries when it looks spoiled,
• A person weeps by drinking water,
• A person weeps with water,
• Causes no water to be wasted,
• Causes no one to stop the water from spoiling,

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