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Room perfect Flooring Tiles area – Cost Calculation 22

Flooring Tiles – Cost easy calculation

Flooring Tiles

Flooring Tiles area and cost calculation :

Room area with Tiles Qty Calculation.

Room Flooring Tiles area with Cost Calculation
Room area: Sq.Meter
Tiles Length: Meter
Tiles Width: Meter
Tiles Qty.
1 tile cost One Tile Cost
Cost all Tiles in Rupees
  • Information :
    • This calculation is for Residential, Commercial, Corporate building, Institutional building, Health care Building, Leisure, Hotels, and other types of Room area planning used civil engineer.
  • What is Room Flooring ?
    1. Room area is a inner room Flooring with tiles as per required size to be used
    2. Room flooring area, if need as per client required.
    3. Room flooring Tiles size like 600 mm x 650 mm (means 0.60 meter x 0.6 meter)
  • How to calculate ?
    1. Type wall room area in box (type into square meter)
    2. Type Room Tiles length size (tiles length : 0.6 meter)
    3. Type Room Tiles width size (tiles length : 0.6 meter)
    4. Click on Tiles Qty. and getting used total tiles in nos.
    5. Type 1 tiles cost
    6. Then Click on Room Total Tiles Rupees and getting automatically total cost of tiles.
  • If You have getting any type of Flooring area with tiles please comment…

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