Room perfect whitewash area Calculation for wall 22

whitewash area calculation of any room

whitewash credit: Photo by Builee Com on Unsplash

white wash area calculation
Name Value property
Room paramter Meter
Room wall height Meter
Room door area Sq. Meter
Room window area Sq. Meter
Wash area cost/meter Rupees
Total wash area cost Rupees
Wall white wash area Squar meter

Room whitewash wall area is easy for calculating into the inbox of Room parameter in meter than type room wall height into Room Wall height inbox than type Door area into Door area input box then type window area into Window area input box then type cost per meter into wash area cost/meter input box after removing courser answer of wall area automatic generated into wall whitewash area and cost into total wash area cost input box.

for clear all input box click on Clear All button and all input box will be empty for again selection for other room like kitchen, bed room, living room, lounge room, or any room of residence , commercial, healthcare unit, institute, corporate building also…

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