1500 Watt Cross Over Net Work PCB complete pcb

1500 Watt Cross Over Net Work PCB

1500 Watt Cross Over Net Work PCB

PCB Toptune WBS wide Bass system. PCB size is 120 mm x 1450 mm,

Input Connector size is 75 mm x 18 mm x 12 mm with 10pins.

1500Watt Cross over network Solder Side PCB solder side

PCB Components List:

  1. Connector 10pins
  2. U type Core Single coil 1 Pcs
  3. I type Core Single coil 1 Pcs
  4. Resistor 75E / 10 Watt 2 Pcs
  5. Resistor 68E / 10 Watt 2 Pcs
  6. Capacitor 10.0 / k / 63 volt (CTR Yellow) 1Pcs
  7. Capacitor 6.8 / k / 63 volt(CTR Grey) 1Pcs
  8. Capacitor 0.1 k / 63 volt 3 Pcs
  9. Capacitor BP 10mf / 50volt 4 Pcs
  10. Capacitor BP 3.3mf / 50volt 4 Pcs
PCB connector, and coil formar daa images
Schemetic Diagram of 1500 Watt Cross Over Network with INPUT, LF, HF frequency output image

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how need 1500 Watt Cross Over Net Work PCB

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