Computer SMPS perfect testing 22


smps repaing

How to check your SMPS for a desktop computer?

common generated some problems into smps with computer.

check supply code.

check supply code socket loose connection.

check its’s all cable connections which is connected into mother board with loose connection.

check it’s fan 12volt supply.

check it’s fan jams, need lubrication as per need for smooth running wings.

check its’s connector’s all pins will be loose. make it proper fited into connector’s socket.

open connector from motherboard and joint green pin socket with the ground (pin no. 14 (green wire) with 15 (black wire) or 16(black wire)), and on SMPS connected with supply code then fan will be spinning means fan is ok.

open its cover and check filter capasitor, it will be tappered. replace it.

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