Room Flooring with skirting perfect Calculation 22

Flooring with skirting perfect calculation of any room:

Flooring with skirting details:

Very easy to getting perfect flooring with skirting area from bellow table:

  1. write in the input box of Room Flooring Area into Square Meter like 4.00 meter x 4.00 meter room means 4×4=16 sqmt. so type 16.
  2. write in the input box of Room Parameter into Meter like total room length is 4+4+4+4 meter = 16 running meter. so type 16.
  3. write in the input box of Skirting height into Meter like 0.075 meter means 3″ . so type 0.075.
  4. write in the input box of Deduct Door Length into Meter like door length is 1.00 meter. so type 1.
  5. then Click on the Click flooring with skirting button for total flooring with the skirting area in the input box of it.
Flooring with Skirting Calculation
Room Flooring Area Square Meter
Room Parameter Meter
Skirting Height Meter
Deduct Door Length Meter
Square Meter


room flooring with skirting area = room flooring area + (room parameter – door length x skirting height ) means 16 + ((16-1) * .075) = 17.13 square meter, if need to getting running meter of skirting = room parameter – door length (16-1=15 running meter).

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