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Toilet perfect Dedo 22 wall area Calculation

Toilet dedo calculation is easy:

This calculation is for Residential, Commercial, Corporate building, Institutional building, Health care Building, Leisure, Hotels, and other types of toilet planning used civil engineer.

toilet dedo_credit: Photo by Gabor Monori on Unsplash

What is Toilet Dedo wall ?

  • Toilet Dedo is an inner toilet wall with tiles as per the required size to be used
  • Toilet Dedo wall size is generally 2.15 meter if need to more height as per client required.
  • Toilet dedo wall Tiles size like 300 mm x 450 mm (means 0.30-meter x 0.45 meter)

How to calculate ?

  1. Type wall parameter inbox (type into meter)
  2. Type Toilet Wall Dedo inbox (type into meter)
  3. Type Door length and height calculation (door length :1.00 meter, door height: 2.15 meter) multiply [1.00 x 2.15 = 1.25 sqmt]
  4. Type Window length and height calculation (window length : 0.6 meter, Window height: 0.45 meter) multiply [0.6 x 0.45 = 0.27 sqmt]
  5. Then Click on Toilet dedo wall area and getting automatically Toilet wall dedo area in square meter
  6. If You have to get any type of wall dedo please comment…
Toilet Dedo Wall area Calculation
Toilet Parameter: Meter
Toilet Dedo Height: Meter
Deduct Door area: Sq. Meter
Deduct windows area: Sq. Meter
Sq. Meter

for getting more information watch video link as bellow:

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