time in mind

Keeping perfect the time in mind 22

time in mind

perfect time in mind as the period of….?

time in mind
time in mind

Keeping the time in mind, open the mouth,
Talk to a child with a child, like a child;
Speaking important with the young, like the young man;
Talk to friends with friends, like friends;
Speaking with an elder, speaking to the elder;
Speaking with a mother, like a mother;
Do not speak abusively with the father, do not like the father;
Speak brother with brother, like a brother;
Sister does not like talking with sister; sister likes;
Not speak of shyness with the teacher, teachers feel stigma;
Do not shout with a boss, boss seems wrong;
Speaking with Madame, like Madame;
Dada does not speak sadly with Dada; Dada’s love increases;
Speaking closely with the Grandmothers, Grandma feels sweet;
Speaking with Mama with time in mind, Mama likes;
Speaking of salt with mummy, like mama;
Do not be ridiculed with uncle; the sad mind of man;
Speaking with an aunty, loving love like a mother;
Do not be fooled by an uncle, like uncle;
Speaking with the aunty, the foil increases;
Do not speak with your wife later, hurricanes in life;
Do not speak harshly with your husband, love breaks into love;
Do not refrain from hurrying with balloon man, converts us;
Shortness “Speak well, speak clean, speak in a thoughtful way, speak words in a proper manner, then open the mug.
There is a difference between speech and speech, even in any language. “

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