The Search for Happiness 22



The Search for Happiness: –
No one knows where happiness is, but where is true happiness? If you think so much, it seems that the person who has more money is very happy, but it is not, he is sad also, people are very happy to get true happiness in life, to collect any wealth, In convincing, someone using his own strength to deceive someone, to imitate, to quietly, to a crow, to any behavior, happiness is contained within everyone, but he can not recognize it, and do the other, We believe in our happiness, we can not see the happiness of others; it is so sad that even though Kasturi is in the navel of the straw, it runs around all the other, as humans are also exposed outside, even if we see our sadness If you get hurt, understand that I have a little love, satisfaction is the greatest happiness, that no satisfaction of any kind can ever be Happiness… more soon will come.

Having a lot of money in life is not a sign of happiness, The bigger the heart, the greater the happiness, He who is always happy is considered to be happier

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