live choghadiya

Live choghadiya

Easy to understanding Live Choghadiya:

Simple time calculation of Gujarati LIVE choghadiya.

    1. First of all, where you live, get sun rise and sun expanse time, which can be found in an archive or news paper.
    2. To see the horizons of the day, the rise of the sun and sunlight can be changed in the orange box. Eg. The sun rises 6:00 and sunlight time is 18:00, changing it according to the requirement will automatically change the daytime clockwise.
    3. To see the nights of the night, the sun’s day of sunrise for the next day will be changed into orange box. Eg. Changing the requirement of 6:00 time in the rise of the sun will change automatically at night.
    4. The orange box below the day where it is written Wednesday can be modified. Eg. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
    5. You can watch video for more details in below :



6. To view Gujarati LIVE choghadiya:

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