Residence Floor Area perfect Calculate 22

Floor Area of any residential room

Floor area
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How to Calculate Residential Floor Area?

  1. open auto cad file,
  2. create layers as per need like:
    1. parking area
    2. living, dining area
    3. bed room floor with skirting area
    4. master bed room floor with skirting area
    5. foyer floor with skirting area
    6. kitchen floor with skirting area
    7. kitchen dedo area
    8. wash floor area
    9. wash dedo area
    10. wash water proofing area
    11. toilet floor area
    12. toilet dedo area
    13. toilet water proofing area
    14. entrance steps with tread riser skirting area
    15. inner staircase tread, riser skirting area
    16. staircase railing
    17. balcony floor, skirting, railing area
    18. terrace area
    19. terrace water proofing area
    20. low height wall top stone like curbing area
    21. inner wall plaster area
    22. exterior wall plaster area
    23. exterior cladding area
  3. draw p line all floors in auto cad drawing. by layer style in drawing,
  4. type list of doors, windows, vents like length, height as per need for getting information,

open ground floor plan auto cad drawing

  1. select p line by layer bed room area type ctrl + 1, drawing properties dialog box will be open, note area and parameter in excel sheet, or select p line and type in command line “LIST” than enter,
  2. copy area like area : area 8709982.00 and perimeter 14246.00 is in mm, if you need to getting area in  meter divide area 8709982 by 1000000 (formula is 1000000 square mm = 1 square meter)  means 8.71 sqmt will be getting, and type in excel sheet as per require. and perimeter 14246.00 is in mm = 14.27 meter (formula is 1000 mm = 1meter) that means area is 8.71 sqmt, and perimeter is 14.27 meter.