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Room Inner wall paint perfect area calculation 22

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wall paint, credit: Photo by Fuad Obasesan on Unsplash

wall paint perfect area calculation in simple step

  1. Room parameter in meter (3+4+3+4=14 meter)
  2. Room Inner wall height [3.05 meter – slab (.15 meter thick)= 2.9 meter]
  3. deduct door area (1 meter length x door height 2.15 meter = 2.15)
  4. Deduct Window area (1.2 mt. length x 1.2 mt.window height = 1.44 sq.mt.)
  5. then click on “Click Room Wall Area” and getting the result 37.01 sq.mt. you want.
  6. Formulas is = {(Room Parameter x Room height) – (Door Area + Windows Area)}
Room inner Wall area Calculation
Room Parameter Meter
Room Wall Height Meter
Deduct Doors area Sq. Meter
Deduct windows area Sq. Meter
Sq. Meter

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