What happens without better 22


  • What happens without that?
  • Do not wear glasses without ears
  • Do not wrestle with hands
  • Do not rush mountain tremors
  • Without a thumb do not write in speed
  • Without a Tongue no correct speech
  • Without light, no rays appear in the dark
  • Without seeing the eyes
  • Diet without teeth
  • Without singing without a wedding
  • Without a teacher without a teacher
  • Resolve the problem without compromising
  • Without police, a thief would not be imprisoned
  • Without the tongue do not rinse the taste
  • Life can not live without air
  • Without proper fertilization
  • There is no thirst for water without water
  • Without passing the examination
  • Do not beggary without a beggar
  • Life without life
  • If you do not want to get rid of it
  • No mess without water is allowed
  • Without a hair without the head
  • Do not wear a bangle or a rug without a hand
  • Do not wear shoes without foot
  • Without evidence, the lawyer is not guilty
  • Suffering without hurt
  • Feel like rivalry without love
  • Without a dead body
  • The poem “Feeling” is seen only, Happens then thinking …

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