What happens without that

  • What happens without that?
    Do not wear glasses without ears,
    No sound can be heard without ears,
    Do not wrestle with hands,
    Do not rush mountain tremors,
    Without a thumb, do not write in speed,
    Without a tough, tough exercise,
    Without light, no rays appear in the dark,
    Without food, food should not be eaten,
    Without seeing the eyes,
    Diet without teeth,
    Without singing without a wedding,
    Without a teacher, without a teacher,
    Resolve the problem without compromising,
    Without a police, a thief would not be imprisoned,
    Without the tongue, do not rinse the taste,
    Life can not live without air,
    Without proper fertilization,
    There is no thirst for water without water,
    Without passing the examination,
    Do not beggary without beggar,
    Life without life,
    If you do not want to get rid of it,
    No mess without water is allowed,
    Without a hair, without a head,
    Do not wear a bangle or a rug without a hand,
    Do not wear shoes without a foot,
    Without evidence, the lawyer is not guilty,
    Suffering without hurt,
    Feel like rivalry without love,
    Without a dead body,
    The poem “Feeling” is seen only, then thinking …


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